Hotel Eklund remains open for lodging, but our restaurant and bar are closed at this time due to the Covid-19 incident. We will revise the website when our restaurant and bar are open again. We apologize for the inconvenience, and very much look forward to serving you in our restaurant and saloon again soon!

Step back in time,
and prepare to be inspired.

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 …On the wall of the small lobby was a framed photograph of the outlaw Black Jack Ketchum being fitted with a noose on a freshly carpentered scaffold. Another photograph showed him after the trapdoor had collapsed under his feet. Most of the patrons entering or leaving the dining room were local people and took no notice of the photographic display…(we) walked outside under a turquoise sky…I looked back over my shoulder at the stone rigidity of the hotel and its scrolled-iron colonnade…and I wondered if cattle and railroad barons had hosted champagne dinners in the hotel dining room, or if cowboys off the Goodnight-Love Trail had knocked back busthead whiskey in the saloon and shot holes in the ceiling with their six shooters…But I think it was all of the above, truly the West.”        ~excerpt from BITTERROOT, a novel by James Lee Burke